Unity Empire is committed to the concept that education equals opportunity. One of our company missions is to provide education in various areas of focus to multiple diversities of people. By providing this education, we believe we can help create opportunities for people to grow and become successful and well-functioning members of society. Our Unity Estates program is the first of many education ventures that we are developing and offering. The Unity Estates program will be focused on building assets, developing and managing group homes, providing education and therapy within these group homes, working with the developmentally challenged and making smart investments. The following seminars and programs will continue to become available as we develop them. Visit our site regularly to see updates.

Education Classes, Seminars and Workshops on:

*Building an Asset

*Developing and Managing Group Homes

*Providing Music Education and Music Therapy for Various Age Groups

*Working with the Developmentally Challenged

*Personal Growth

*Business Development

*Entertainment Instruction in Music, Film and Live Performance

*Making Smart Investments

*Community Services and Cultural Diversity

and more....