Get a Sneak Peak!


unity empire's new fashion lines coming soon! 

We've tested several new fashion items through private, exclusive sales, and by popular demand, these are some of the items that will now be available to the public for purchase on our website throughout the next year! All items are available for pre-order now! 




unity empire presents: unity entertainment!

Unity Empire's entertainment services were once a private company benefit. Now we are making these valuable services available to the public so that everyone can enjoy and benefit from them! Send us an email for more information and to schedule a consult.

Services will include but are not limited to the following:

*Music Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Publishing for music artists, song writers, publishers, producers, composers, digital music, physical albums, consultations and more.

*Film Production, Photography and Post Production/Editing for music videos, commercials, TV, film, documentaries, reality TV, webisodes, podcasts, models, music artists, actors and more.

*Live Performances for Music Artists and Dancers

*Fashion Shows

*Multi-Cultural Events